Explorer Satellite (ESC) provides voice and data services via 3 commercial networks, Inmarsat, Iridium, and Thuraya.  Please click on the link for each service for a full description.

Explorer Satellite Communications strongly recommends that you enroll with Global Rescue prior to embarking on your trip.

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Iridium service is truly global service using Iridium’s 66 satellite Low-Earth-Orbit network.  The system was designed so that any point on Earth can be “seen” by 3 satellites.  There are 6 orbital planes of 11 satellites each and all calls are routed through the commercial gateway (earth station) in Tempe, Arizona.  Iridium’s satellites can hand off calls across the network and ensure that the next on “seeing” the gateway delivers the call to the gateway and then on to its destination.  The service is rock solid and allows you to call any working phone number for the same price per minute (except other satellite networks).   Iridium is the number one choice for voice service among our hunting clients.  Handheld phones are under 10 ounces.

Inmarsat service (see coverage map) employs Geo Stationary Orbit satellites that are 22.000+ miles up in space (the Clarke Belt) and located at the Equator.  The location is the point at which gravity has a null effect and the satellite requires as little energy as possible to be kept in its orbit.  The advantage of this orbit is that very few satellites can provide coverage to gigantic footprints on Earth.  Inmarsat’s newest constellation of satellites for example, has only 3 satellites, but utilizes many Land Earth Stations (LESs).  The oldest commercial satellite network operator and in many ways the best, especially for data.

Extreme North and South locations, especially mountainous regions, can be problematic even though the coverage footprint covers them due to the line-of-sight being blocked by topography and the curvature of the Earth.

Most of the terminals need to be pointed.  Inmarsat just released a handheld phone in June 2010 IsatPhone PRO

Thuraya service covers Western Europe through the Far East (coverage map).  Owned and operated by the Saudi government, the service is very affordable, and the phones are handheld and small.  We recommend Thuraya to our hunters and guides that are covered.

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Thank you for your service. The SatPhone was invaluable. I was at the Canadian Arctic when news of my father being hospitalized came over SMS. After many phone calls, all seems to be normal. Your service was incredibly handy and gave me tremendous peace of mind. I will always
use Explorer Satellite in the future. Thank you again.

William S,
Severna Park, MD


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