Satellite Phone Rental

Explorer Satellite excels in renting you the right phone for your needs and will recommend the proper accessories based on the geography and nature of your hunt.  We send each phone out with a fully charged battery, AC charger and international plug adapters.  Optional accessories include spare batteries, waterproof Pelican cases, DC chargers, Solar panels and power boosters. 

We pride ourselves on keeping you informed of your satellite rental phone’s status – we create a reservation and confirm your rental, send you tracking information when shipped and confirm with you when the phone gets back to us!  We do not include the time in transit as billable rental days.  We have many satisfied and repeat customers.  If you are planning to rent from Late May through Late October, please download and complete our rental agreement and fax/email it to us to reserve a phone.  Summer is our busiest season and there are times when inventory is low for rentals.  If you have a reservation, you are guaranteed a phone!  Please see below for the types of phones available.

Downloadable Forms:
arrow 9505A Rental Agreement

arrow 9555 Rental Agreement

Satellite Rentals Cost

Iridium 9505A (1 week)


Iridium 9505A (1 month)


Iridium 9555 (1 week)


Iridium 9555 (1 month)


Rental Airtime Fees

Iridium 9505A/9555


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International Dialing Codes



Rental Includes:
Our satellite phone rental units are shipped with everything needed to ensure communication whenever and wherever it is needed the most. Each satellite rental phone is shipped from Explorer Satellite Communications ready to go with an A/C charger, fully charged battery and easy-to-understand dialing instructions.

Additional accessories available:
arrow Additional 2800 Mah Lithium Ion Battery

arrow 12 Watt Solar Panel (remote applications)

arrow 12 Watt DC Cigarette Lighter Adaptor

arrow Watertight Custom Pelican Hard Case

arrow Auxiliary Antenna & Antenna Adapter (vehicle and mobile applications)


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